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Thu, Jun. 9th, 2005, 12:30 pm
Good Bye Tattoo

Yesterday afternoon I found out that my former girl friend screwed me over again, she lied when she said cats are allowed in our apartment. It turned out that the landlord was at the house when my roommate and I where at work to fix a pumping problem that cost him a $300 water bill. When the landlord saw the cat he flapped out, he called my roommate and tolled him that the cat had to go because she’s a lease violation. It was obvious that my roommate was shit scared of having to move back on his ship when he told me about the landlord’s demands. He said that the landlord was coming back Friday so my cat tattoo had to be gone before then.


It first I was enraged; it’s bad enough that she still owes me a substantial sum of money but now because of her deception I am going to lose the one living being that I really care deeply about in this whole god forsaken state. I never would have allowed my ex to get the cat if I knew that they are not allowed! But my anger slowly faded and I was left with a real dilemma, what am I to do with Tattoo? The pound was not an option (most pounds put cats down if adopted in a few days) and I didn’t have enough time to find her a good home. Lucky, the solution presented itself to me with minimal effort on my part. When I logged on to Trillian I saw that one of my good friends from my old command was online for the first time that I’ve seen in many months. I told him about how I had to move Tattoo out of the apartment and he offered to take her in.


Needless to say that I’ve been more then a little depressed today, every time I looked at Tattoo I knew that in a few short hours she’d be leaving me. After work I gathered up all of Tattoo’s belongs, mostly just cat food and toys, and loaded them into my car. Within the hour Tattoo and myself where on our way to my friend’s house. It was not a long drive but I knew it was not going to be pleasant, Tattoo hated car rides…I had to pet her with my other hand the whole trip to keep her calm. When we arrived I was greeted warmly by me friend and we began unloading my car and getting Tattoo situated in her new home. She seemed very nervous when she meet her new feline companions but seemed to react well to my friend, his roommates, and his girl friend. When I was sure that Tattoo was as conferrable in her new surroundings I bull shited with my friend for some time before departing. Back at the house my depression got much worst, when I walked thought the door it took a few seconds to realize that my little girl won’t be greeting me like she was always done before. For that brief moment of recollection it felt like I was overwhelmed by despair, I’ve become so use to being around my Tattoo all the time when I’m at the house that her absence seems wrong and unnatural.


Setting here alone and in the dark at the computer, I can’t remember when my apartment felt so cold and empty as it doses now.

Sun, Jun. 5th, 2005, 11:16 am
this week in summary

It’s been are very boring and redundant week. Their was absolutely nothing for me too do at work all week other then escorting some civilians around the commands main building. In turns out that there are very few people with blue badges at my TAD command so it seems like I’m going to be doing a lot of escorting for the next six months. On the plus side we had two farewell luncheon but I only got off early from work on one of them. The first one was at a bar what surprisingly turn out to be very close to my place, that cheeseburger where amazing at only six bucks but the LPO at my new department made us all come back to work. The other one was for someone at my old command at Funruckers, the cheeseburgers their were horrible in comparison and cost nine bucks. However, I was home by one so the second farewell was the better of the two.


The only really noteworthy event that happened all week was when I learned about a furry comic being planed on http://www.furtopia.org/. It’s going to be a fantasy based comic set in the nation of furtopia, I country ruled primary ruled by Mages who’s fursonas are in actuality the message board’s mods and admin. I, having been writing fantasy for some time now, spook to some of the writers offing aid if needed. I have since been accepted into their small circle of writers. We are currently trying to get the entire team together for an online conference to discuses the details and fundamentals of the project but unfortunately that is proving hard, many of us live in different time zones so finding a time opportune for all of us is difficult.  Despite a few commutation issues everything seems to be going well; it’s going to be nice to be doing something somewhat consecutive with some of my ample spare time for a change.

Tue, May. 24th, 2005, 07:47 am
Animal Crudity by fonder of Wolf Rescue

I recently joined the online group AWCHR (Animal Welfare Coalition of Hampton Roads), we meet once a month at the Norfolk Public Health Dept. As an additional benefit to joining I was added to their email mailing list and have since received several emails from the group. Today, I got one of these messages that disturbed me greatly. The message was just a link to a news report that the founder of Black Wolf Rescue in Triangle has skipped bail, he was due in count to face the 29 counts of animal abuse on Monday but he is believed to have fled North Carolina.
“Authorities found 29 dogs and wolf hybrids shut in cages that were too small for them, according to a criminal complaint filed with General District court. The animals were standing in their own waste. A dead dog was found in a truck. All the live dogs were in various stages of ill treatment, including inadequate food, water, sanitary habitat and/or veterinary care, according to the criminal complaint. The animals were taken to the county animal shelter, where they remain.”

This is beyond horrible, it sickness me that someone who founded a Wolf Rescue could treat the animals this way! The very purpose of rescues is to protect animals from maltreatment; to do other wise is a betrayal to the animals themselves but also to the community, people trusted that the Rescue would provide adequate care and be a better home for these poor animals then either out on the streets or with their former neglectful owners. I hope that Robert Clifton Artois is brought to justice and pays dearly for his crimes against my brethren, I wish him a punishment far worst then our counts can deliver.        

For more information about this story:



Wed, May. 18th, 2005, 06:57 am
Advancement Bull Shit

I am so disgruntled and pissed off at the navy right now that it isn't funny
I was unable to take the last advancement in rate test because I just put on E3 and was ineligible due to the 6 month time-in-rate requirement, I found out last week that advancing to E3 to E4 was 100%. Which for all of you who are not in the navy, it  means that if you passed the test (which is not hard to do, you only need like a 40 most cycles) then you got promoted to petty officer third class. Now every retard seaman who scraps by with a 40 in my division now out ranks me. Sure, I'm happy for the 2 or 3 seaman in the workspace that really deserve it but now I have to take orders from the dumbest person and the biggest shit bag in the division!  
I've been stewing over these fact for a few days now and thought that I have come to terms with my current situation....or a least I did until I found out today that they advanced everyone who took the test, EVEN IF THEY FAILED IT!!!! If the dumb ass showed up for the test on time and wrote their name on the damn thing then they got promoted. I know from a very reliable source that the dumbest person failed the test and still will be frocked. I'm going to be one of only three seaman left in my division, the other two not being promoted due to failing the PRT three times.
My only hope to save face when I return to my command after being TAD for 6 months is by passing the test in September which I will be eligible for....even then those two will still out rank me because they have more time-in-rate but it won't be as bad as going back as a seaman.

Sun, May. 15th, 2005, 09:43 am
Sent TAD

I regret to say that's its been a long time since I made an entry...I actually have a lot to write about. I've been meaning to write for the last two weeks about how dramatically my life has changed (for the better) in such a short period of time.
It started on a Thursday morning three weeks ago. I was at work doing exactly what I've done for the past year since I've been stationed their last January, absolutely nothing. Just wasting 6 hours a day sitting around and bull shitting with the people in the office, more then half of whom I dislike and rather not associate with. I guess the first classes finally realized that we don't do shit in our shop (took them long enough!), at quarters they put out a list of coworkers who would be filling positions out to sea on various ships soon and personal going TAD to other commands in the area starting Monday. I was among the six with orders to report to a new command on the Amphibious Base Little Creek at the began of the next work week.
I the time I has optimistic, the prospect of doing something productive at work to make the time go by quicker was very appealing. I was well aware of the fact that I know nothing about this place and may end up just doing the same thing I do at my current command, but I remanded hopeful that it would be better; the phrase "Plan on the worst but hope for the best" describe my mind-set at the time (which is a vast improvementof my normal attitude.)  That Monday at my new command, the six of of was warmly greeted with the bureaucratic bull shit that I have come to expect in the navy. Our point of contact their was wrong so it took a long time to straighten that out and to get checked in with SSO, it was almost lunch time when we first land eyes on our workshop. I many ways it was like where we came, everyone is discrauntaled and the apomshper of BS and sullenness is omnipotent, but it was fundamentally different because it was obvious that work actually gets done in this shop. And because it's not a secure workspace we're not doing that cryto crap I learned out on the USS Barry, they deal with computer systems and networks like any other business or enterprise. Our new first class put myself and the other seaman to work right away after the  introductions. Our first task was to reorganize the patch cabling that when from a patch panel to a switch on a rack about six feet tall. The cabling itself was chaos incarnate, a jumbled mess of tangled wires completely devoid of order and patched seemingly a random. More then 75% of the cables where dead links not connected to any hardware on the user end, after a coworker and myself cleared out all the cables without a link light (a end connection) all we did was re-patch what was left in a nice and orderly manor. The results where startling, the people in change of the rack said it "looks like a completely different rack."
Having been working here for almost two weeks now I can say without drought that we are better having left. The personal here are just as disgruntled and disconnect as my old command and it has the same 'feel' that I've become accustom to but it's a lot easier to deal with because I'm busy most of the time now. I've spent all of today converting the OS from window's NT to 2000 and loading the necessary applications on classified boxes no stop, I bearly noticed the drama BS going on to day. However, I did find the statement of "I want sacrifice *coworker* to apiece the computer gods. I would lay him down and rip out his heart and offer it to the computer god like the Aztecs did if I could" after the said individual spend three days 'fixing' a printer and screwing it up so that only one person with the windows 2000 computer can access it; everyone in that office still running NT can't print from it.
I don't quint know why but I found that statement iconic and amusing, as well as thought provoking....I began to ponder which god or goddess might take computers as his or her domain by adding it to their profile. 

Thu, Apr. 21st, 2005, 12:45 pm
For once, A good day at work

For the first time in a long time, I was filled with happiness at work. I just finished eating my lunch and was sitting in our vacant workspace when chief and a bunch of second classes came in. She delegate to me the task of making sure that the daily field day is done (clean up) and securing all my fellow O Branchers (let everyone one go home) for the day. But instead of waiting for everyone to get back for lunch, everyone present decided it would be best to do the field day now so we could leave sooner. I rushed to do my part of cleaning up and when finished and went back to the workspace, I was very surprised to see chief vacuuming the room. When everything was done, Chief said I could leave so I grabed the trash to take to the dumpter and rolled out. All the wail on my way out, I told my follow coworkers that we’re being secured as previously order. That happed about 20 mintues ago and am currently enjoying my extra free time. I’m most likely just going to waste it by hanging around the house but any time not at work is time well spend, no matter how trivial or pointless it is.

Wed, Apr. 20th, 2005, 01:00 am

It’s been a really long time since I’ve made an entry (mainly due to my computer being broken for almost a month) so I figured that I’m long over due…the only thing is that there is not much going on right now.

Work is boring and pointless as always, the highlight of the week so far is that yesterday we had a CMC (Command Master Chief) Call. The new CMC introduced himself and preached same old shit that everyone at the command was heard a thousand times before, about how the navy is downsizing and that O, M, and A CT’s rates going away. I barely paid any attraction to this, these facts having been droned into my skull the last few months, but their was one new issue he mentioned that chough my interest. As an effort to promote physical readiness and downsize the overmanned navy, if a service member fails 3 PRTs’ (Physical Readiness Test) within a four your period without a GOOD medical reason will be separated from the navy. As soon as this was said it spared a long discussion where mainly people on FEP (Fat Enlisted PT- not the real meaning, but you have to fail a PRT to get one it) scrutinizing on the fine details of the new policy. To me, their questions on medical waver and prior PRT history, seemed more like a disparate search for loopholes rather then an actual discussion. I for one think it’s a great idea; culling the weak out of the heard will strengthen our forces as well as improve advancement. And I would have said just that at the time if the CMC called on me when he randomly asked people to voice their option on the topic. In hindsight I’m glade he didn’t, if I said ‘cull the weak from the heard’ like I was thinking in front of most of the command and the CMC…I don’t think it would have gone over well.

The other interesting thing I learned that day was a group called the SCA. One of my coworkers at work who knows I’m a collector of knifes and into the whole dark ages time period tolled me about the SCA and how he is going to one of their events this weekend. It didn’t take me long to figure out that it was not the theme that brought him out to theses events, his sole motivation for going is because they very loosely ‘recreate’ medieval battles. From what he told me, the battles themselves being little more then a grand melee cluster funk with everyone pluming each other with wooden sticks. Thankfully when I when to the SCA’s website, I learned that their is a lot more to “The Society for Creative Anachronism” then just the crude fighting. It is a world wide group where every county/state falls into one of 18 SCA kingdoms, each with a noble higharchy like the days of old. I’m not sure this is for me but it’s pretty fantasizing. If I do join I won’t be a armored combatant like my coworker, swords and knightly combat are not really my strong suit. I favor knifes and rogue tactics so the path of the combat archer and thrown weapons marshal are more to suited to my abilities.

The only think I have to look forward to is that on Friday I volunteered to help clean up the base in support of earth day. It’s going to be a base wide even where each command sends people out to an assigned area to clean up the litter and garbage that plagues’ NSA Norfolk. I always volunteer for cleaning up the base day and the adopt a highway program cause I’m all for helping rectifying how humans royally fucked up the environment. It gets me out of work and helps the local ecosystem so am all for it.

Thu, Feb. 17th, 2005, 10:33 pm

I just created my own South Park character using the editor on southparkstudios.com in the games page, it’s kind of kewl so I thought I should post it somewhere on the net.

Mon, Feb. 14th, 2005, 10:23 pm
What was Once Lost is Now Found

When I got home from work today I knew right away that something was not right...every day since the day my ex mate brought my cat home (back when it was her cat) “tattoo” has always greeted me at the door when I return much like a fateful dog. But today she was absent, I eminently began to search for her. calling her name, all the while hoping that she was just asleep or maybe she had gotten herself trapped somewhere. It was soon apparent that tattoo was not in our apartment, I asked my roommates if they let her out by accident but they didn’t even realize she was missing!

They claimed that they have been gone most of the day and could not have let her out but of course I didn’t believe them, this is not the first time this was happened and all the other times it’s been proven they are to blame. Hell, I’ve watched my ex leave the door wide open and then the lazy bitch refused to walk 10 feet to pick up and bring tattoo back inside when she walked out the door. I didn’t even have to chase her, I called her name and she came right too me.

But all is well now, it took a good hour of searching the yard and surrounding area calling her name I finally found her. It was raining so tattoo had taken shelter in my neighbor’s truck, she was laying on top the front tire using the fender for cover. I would have found her a lot faster if the truck was not behind a fence, I probably would have never looked their if I didn’t hear her respond my calls.

I was so relieved when I found her, I know it sounds sad but that cat is the only thing positive I have in my life right now. I have always felt that I connect more with animals then I do with my own kind, despite the happiness (which my life is severely lacking in) she brings tattoo is my last link to the natural world. I having to live completely surrounded by people in this urban jungle devoid of nature, sometimes it seems like she is the only thing keeping me sane.

Since I’m on the subject of my cat, here are two photo I took of tattoo that I posted on some free space on geocitys...enjoy

Photo 1

Photo 2

Tue, Feb. 1st, 2005, 11:05 pm
Requiem of a Wasted Day

To clarify how trivial my job is and reaffirm the fact that I get payed to do nothing, I’m going to tell you this: today at work our divisional halo 2 group was so bored that we played the childhood game of quarters during our lunch break. It wasn’t quite the same version I played growing up but it was similar. The rules were simple, each player spin his or her quarter at the same time. Whoever quarter is the last to stop spinning and laid completely still on the table is the winner of that round. We played that for an hour non-stop and I was declared the ultimate champion because I won with 24 and then again with 14 after we reset the score to accommodate a few newcomers to the table. The sad thing is that we accomplish so little in an average workday that I can honestly say that earning that superfluous title was the most productive activity a took part in all day.

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